Choreography Intensive

FALL 2018


Discover/Explore your unique voice for choreography
Discover the skill set you need besides creating steps to be a great choreographer
Master creating on the fly and under difficult conditions
Learn the resources and information you need to work as an industry choreographer




• curriculum to be announced in JULY


Prepare for your Intensive.

Training/ Classes - make sure you are in your top most shape to receive, execute, and create choreography
Stretch - Stretch BEFORE and AFTER each session every day. If your body is too tight or worn from dancing prior to entering workshop, it will make experiencing & retaining info more difficult.
Health & Nutrition - be in your best shape with all the nutrients you need to function at your most optimal level of strength & agility.


RATE - $549.00 / Per person


  1. Must be at least 17yrs old
  2. Must have 7+ years of advanced commercial dance training
  3. Must be an Advanced Professional level dancer


MON - 10a-2p
TUES - 10a-2p
WED - 10a-2p
THURS - 10a-2p
FRI - 10a-2p


Once you register, you will submit a $40 deposit to secure your spot. The remainder will be due on the 20th. 

Any cancelations before the 20th will be refunded in full. No refunds after the 20th.